This Week in HaldeCraft

 This week I worked a little more on bringing in some things from Etsy that had cycled through, and also worked a lot on behind the scenes things such as tweaking here and there (adding a page for the newsletter, and adding a few categories that don't have products yet... but will soon), and getting the link to look right (thanks for your help, Craig!). 

This week in HaldeCraftHere are the items that were added to the shop this week: 

1. Unflavored Vegan lip balm in a tin
2. Blue Clouds jumbo mug
3. Tall sitting cat in Gray
4. Birds in Flight
5. Sitting Hoi Toi in a red robe
6. Unflavored Vegan lip balm in a tube
7. Margarita flavoried beeswax lip balm in a tube
8. Browncoat in Tepper
9. Gray sitting Hoi Toi
10. Bird and Flowers
11. Detailed Owl jewelry box
12. Caramel flavoried beeswax lip balm in a tube
13. Raspberry flavoried beeswax lip balm in a tube
14. Surprise inside mug (cat) - not only new, but a sale item!
15. Brown Owl jewelry box

So far I'm very much liking the new set-up. Above, I mentioned getting categories set up. One of the things that began to drive me off of Etsy was being limited to ten categories; right now I think I'm at 16 or 17, and I definitely don't even have everything over here yet. 

But speaking of categories, let me ask you all a question (before I get 200-something items over here and it gets too cumbersome to fix). Right now I have a category for functional ceramics, and a separate category for soap dishes and one for mugs... both of which are functional ceramics. However, the tag system here works very well, and it is possible from the page of each individual item to also click the tag and get to a page that lists everything with that tag; for example, multi-colored yarn, no matter what the base of that yarn may be. So I'm considering putting soap dishes and mugs back into "functional" and letting the tags act as sub-categories. How, as someone potentially searching for something, would you feel about that? Is it easier for you one way over the other? I have spent far too much time in my own head about this over the last week, and can't think clearly about it any more. Your input would be greatly appreciated! 

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