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This week was primarily about yarn, so if you're not a yarn lover this won't be the recap for you!

This week in HaldeCraft: part one 1. Wool/Silk blend
2. Slightly Imperfect Owls
3. Slightly Imperfect Owls
4. Sand Diego bowls
5. Pair of bowls: Spiced Cream
6. Pumpkin spice bowls
7. 100% organic merino wool,
8. Wensleydale
9. South African Fine
10. Wool Blend
11. Wool/Alpaca
12. 100% Merino

In addition, I listed a lot of hand-dyed yarn; so much so that I started to get confused when making one giant 36-item collage... which is why you're getting two different ones. Below is all the hand-dyed yarn I listed this week, many of which have never even made it to Etsy, like Pretty in Pink in Marion or all the Zelazny bases (there are some Zelazny colorways on Etsy, yes; but not these).

This week in HaldeCraft: part two 1. Afternoon Skies in Marion
2. Afternoon Skies in Tepper
3. Afternoon Skies in Zelazny
4. Chocolate Covered Fruit in Octavia
5. Chocolate Covered Fruit in Zelazny
6. Green-eyed Monster in Marion
7. Green-eyed Monster in Octavia
8. Green-eyed Monster in Tepper
9. Green-eyed Monster in Zelazny
10. Pretty in Pink in Marion
11. Pretty in Pink in Tepper
12. Pretty in Pink in Zelazny
13. Red Mars in Nalo
14. Red Mars in Octavia
15. Soylent Green in Nalo
16. Soylent Green in Octavia
17. The 40s Have Called
18. The 80s Have Called in Marion
19. The 80s Have Called in Zelazny
20. Vodka & OJ in Nalo
21. Vodka & OJ in Octavia
22. Vodka & OJ in Zelazny
23. Weathered Wood in Zelazny
24. .... and, coming Friday, MAY THE YARN BE WITH YOU!

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