New: fragrance lovers gift sets

 I've had this idea percolating for quite some time, and finally have started to make it a reality - fragrance lovers gift sets! These will be two bars of soap and a matching lotion (some will also have lip balms) that focus on one particular fragrance. Of course I had to start with my current favorite, Ancient Sedona.

Gift sets will come packaged as seen here, in a clear cellophane bag with brown crinkle paper. They will range in price from $15 to $21 depending on what they contain (two soaps and a lip balm; two soaps and a lotion; two soaps, a lip balm, and a lotion). Future sets will include berry-based fragrances and flavors, honey-based fragrances and flavors, Lavender based fragrances, and a special limited-edition holiday set in the Fall. Other than the special holiday fragrance set, these will be standard items and will be restocked when sold out. 

You can see more details of the Ancient Sedona gift set here on the product page.

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