This Week in HaldeCraft

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Such a lot this week! No yarn, but an awful lot of ceramics - some new - and some major soap restocks.

This Week in HaldeCraft

Absorbent coasters decorated with green and brown leaves (set of four)
Acorn-shaped birdfeeder in Mediterranean Olive and Molasses
Ancient Sedona gift set (also available here at wild Iris Books) - new in the shop, and the first of a line of gift sets!
Bear Ashtray, key holder, or catch-all
Blueberry Spice jumbo mug
Cactus Sand jumbo mug Cattail and Dragonfly soap in Clover, Lavender Lemon, and Lavender
Celestial Moon soap in A Pirate's Life (back in stock after being sold out an embarrassingly long time) and Lost in the Woods
Floral Leaf soap in Clover, Fresh Linens (this popular fragrance has been sold out for a while - thank goodness I've finally had time to work on some restocks!), and Exfoliating Garden Soap (a new soap for the shop, with walnut shells for exfoliation)
Fudge Marble and Walnut Brown snack mug
Grooved Bar soap in A Pirate's Life and Lost in the Woods
Handpainted acorn planter
Honeyed Sandalwood Vanilla scented soap in a Celtic Square design
Lavender Lemon scented soap in a Celtic Knotwork design
Mid-sized Royal Purple African Violet pot - victory to the swift!
Molassas Brown Good Morning Mugs(so cute! These have been on the shelf for a while now at Wild Iris, and I can't believe they haven't sold yet!)
Pumpkin Spice and Tangerine snack mug - a new colorway for the snack mugs that I began bringing in earlier this year
Pumpkin Spice over Mediterranian Olive large African Violet pot - new in the shop!
Sagebrush Green acorn planter - new colorway for an item that keeps selling out
Sagebrush Green dragonfly planter - new colorway for this item
Sailor's Delight and Tweed snack mug
Stone-flecked beige owls
Stone-flecked gray owls
Terra Cotta dragonfly planter
Waterfall Blue and Gray Spice snack mug - sold out and restocked

I'm already looking forward to next week and the week after (if you've read about this week's kiln firing you'll know why). This coming week will see yet even more restocked soaps, a few new ceramics, and if the yarn I'm dyeing today dries (and I can get it rewound) there will be some restocks in that department as well. 

Thanks, y'all - I hope you have a great week!

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