Etsy Treasury Thursday: Ceramics

 I just realized that I completely forgot about Etsy Treasury Tuesday -- this has not been the most organized of weeks (which you know if you read my personal blog - warning, I come with a parental warning for language). 

This week is ceramics; clicking on the picture will take you to the listing, unless it's sold out, and clicking on the link will take you to the treasury.

Treasury: Man Belongs Wherever He Wants to Go

Treasury: Time to meditate in the garden
Treasury: Ohm Shanti

Treasury: Free as a bird

Treasury: Every step counts

Treasury: Oh Fudge, it's Monday

I know I said last week that I was closing in on the end of the Etsy treasuries, but last week I was featured in about three per day... so there will be more (not that I'm arguing with that, mind you, it's just that I'm so far behind many of the items are either already sold out or already moved over here... which means that in future weeks I'll probably be linking the photos to their counterparts here on my new shop).

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