This Week in HaldeCraft

I've been doing these on Sunday, but am switching to Friday for two reasons --
-- the maximum number of pictures I can put into a mosaic is 36, and I've listed 35 items this week already. I should stop.
-- research has shown me that views on Sundays have been steadily falling off as the summer progressive (what, are y'all out there having FUN or something?!) and a lot of people have been asking me when I'm going to be listing a lot of the things I have been listing... so I don't want anyone to miss anything.

So! Here's what I listed this week! Most items are restocks of sold-out items, unless noted. Enjoy, y'all!

This Week in HaldeCraft 1. Bathtub soap dish in Baby Blue
2. Bathtub soap dish in Miami Pink
3. Beeswax lip balm tin in Buttercream - new item!
4. Beeswax lip balm tube in Buttercream - new item!
5. Lanolin lip balm tin in Buttercream - new item!
6. Lanolin lip balm tube in Buttercream - new item!
7. Beeswax lip balm tin in Coconut - new item!
8. Lanolin lip balm tin in Coconut - new item!
9. Cucumber Mint massage cream
10. Guardian of the Forest in Butter Toffee and Walnut Brown - new item!
11. Lavender massage cream
12. Mid-century style pitcher in Fudge Marble over Sand - new item!
13. Mid-century style pitcher in Peppered Raspberry over Hearthstone Gray - new item!
14. Native American man in Wolf headdress
15. Oval Planter in Eternal Galaxy Black
16. Oval Planter in Sailor's Delight
17. Oval Planter in Woodland Brown
18. Raspberry flavored Lanolin lip balm (tube)
19. Red Mars in Marion
20. Rosemary Mint massage cream
21. Shallow bowl in Lemon Yellow
22. Shallow bowl in Lime Green
23. Small baby blue shell soap dish
24. Small shell soap dish in Miami Pink
25. Sweetgrass massage cream
26. Utensil holder in Fudge Marble - new item!
27. Utensil holder in Gray Spice - new item!
28. Vodka & OJ in Marion
29. Weathered Wood in Marion
30. Yarn bowl in Caramel Brown
31. Yarn bowl in Cranberry Red
32. Yarn bowl in Leaf Green
33. Yarn bowl in Miami Pink
34. Yarn bowl in Plum Blush
35. Yarn bowl in Sunshine Yellow

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