Works-in-Progress Wednesday

Even I find this week's video tedious, and not only did I make it, but it's how I spend about 10-15 hours a week. Good luck getting through all seven minutes of me wrapping soap! Usually I'm watching TV when I'm doing this, just to have something to listen to.... but I didn't want to run afoul of the YouTube copyright police, so I had whatever I was watching on TV on mute for the duration of the video. 

What you see here is seven minutes of wrapping and labeling of 12 bars out of a 72-bar set, which isn't everything I go through for making soap. Obviously I've already melted, poured, and un-molded everything (approximately eight hours worth of work); let it cure (approximately two days); inspected it (perhaps an hour for all 72 bars); and shrink-wrapped them all (about two hours). I've also already cut the wrapping paper (half an hour); made, printed, and cut the labels (about an hour); and made sure I have an appropriate amount of tape. I've photographed the soap pre-wrapping (about 20 minutes), and I'll photograph it again after wrapping (again, about 20 minutes). In addition there will be writing the listing (I don't always have to do that, if they are restocks, but this will be a new listing) and talking about it on social networks (about 30-45 minutes for everything). So we're looking at about 14 hours of actual work (I don't count the drying/curing time as work, after all, it's just sitting there...) for twelve 6-bar sets of soap. Makes the price look pretty good, eh?


Pouring greenware


Painting mushroom plaques

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Tee! At that point I’d done four sets, and still had two more to go…. and, er, let’s see… that was one group of 72; I’d already done a group of 72, and I still have another group of 72 to go. Did I mention I was asleep at the wheel and grossly overmade Halloween guest sets?!?!


I like the loud sigh at the end. :)


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