Fresh from the HaldeKiln


I actually took this photo yesterday, but have been so busy I didn't have time to blog about it until today -- and speaking of busy, the rest of this week has gone completely off the rails as far as my normal schedule goes. Usually I'd be firing the kiln today but I'm not even done glazing yet, so won't be able to fire until Friday at the earliest. I do have a few things I haven't yet listed, and hopefully will have time to list them tomorrow or Friday. But next week, then, should be a doozy!

ANYWAY -- the bisque! The first of the baby head .... er ... candle holders? I'm not really sure how the candle is supposed to fit on its head, as a friend had just sent me a picture and asked if I could make something similar. Perhaps you melt part of the candle and stick it on with wax...? I guess we'll find out after I get it glazed.

Also shown are some yarn ball sugar bowls, and I can't even tell you what troubles these have been giving me. They're cute as buttons and personally I want one in every color (of which there will be eight) but the mold is giving me real problems and I don't know how many of them I'll ultimately be able to offer. The lid breaks about every other time I pour it, and it's unbelievably frustrating (and time consuming). I'm looking for a new mold, but ... can't make any promises. People may see these more as handle-free cups than sugar bowls, as I can just pour the bottom and not worry about the top. 

OK; I've got yarn in the dye-pots I need to run check on. If I don't get back to the blog this week, have a great rest of your week, y'all!

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I wish! I would eat ice cream out of them all the time. Sadly, this mold is pretty small - the sugar bowl is the same size as the yarn mug, which is only slightly larger than a balled-up fist. BUT SO CUTE!!!!! :)


Yarn shaped dessert bowls?!?


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