This Week in HaldeCraft

Not as much as usual this week, as I'm in the middle of completely reorganizing my ceramic studio... which is definitely going to be a blog post by itself (if I ever finish!).

This Week in HaldeCraft

1. Busts of Native American Children - moved over from Etsy
2. Light bulb vase - new in the shop!
3. Shelled Pistachios in Andre - new in the shop!
4. Shelled Pistachios in Marion - new in the shop!
5. Shelled Pistachios in Nalo - new in the shop!
6. Shelled Pistachios in Octavia - new in the shop!
7. Small pill boxes with flowers - new in the shop!
8. Spinning Wheel vase - new in the shop!
9. Turtle-inside surprise mug in Cocoa Brown - back in stock!

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