Fresh from the HaldeKiln

 Yesterday was primarily a comedy of errors, but I did get two things accomplished that I'm happy with -- I sent out September's sock club package in the mail, and I fired the kiln!

Lots of special orders and some restocks, for the most part.

A word about those yarn mugs -- it breaks my heart to say this but this is the nature of what I do: the mold that I use to pour those mugs is getting to the point where it's no longer pourable. Plaster molds really only have a life of perhaps a couple of hundred pours, if you treat them well. I've had that mold about three years, and it was used when I bought it; since then I've poured it almost every week, about 150 times. The detail has degraded, and the mold is starting to leak and not fit together well. It's time to retire the mold. In October (barring any horrific kiln accidents between now and then) I will list the last eight of the messy yarn mugs, and will not be making any more. I will of course be keeping my eye out for another mold, but unless I find one this will be the last time you see these from me. Thank you, everyone, for making them so popular! (I do still have a somewhat good mold for the neatly wrapped yarn mug, of which I will also have some in October, but due to the slowly degrading quality of that mold I am no longer taking custom orders for them.)

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