Yarn mug update

In what is likely to be the last time before Hanukkah and Christmas, I have at least one, sometimes two, of every color of the Neatly Wrapped Yarn Mugs in stock; you can find them here

I probably won't be able to restock them all again until after the holidays, so if you want a specific color....? Well, just sayin'!

Neatly wrapped yarn mugs

And in case you missed it, about the messy yarn mugs (not the ones pictured above, which are the neatly wrapped ones); it breaks my heart to say this, but this is the last time I will be offering this particular mug. In the years since I've had this mold, I have poured it hundreds of time - and a plaster mold is not made to last forever, I'm afraid. At this point the mold is virtually unusable. Of course I am keeping my eye out for a new copy of this mold and hope to offer it again in the future, but at this point this is the last time this mug will be offered.

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