Fresh from the HaldeKiln

 Thursday I did a bisque firing in the kiln, and not having done one in a while I am reminded how much more you can cram into a bisque firing than a glaze firing....

We did have a small issue on the porch the other night, though. We have an old dog, who doesn't walk very well any more, and due to her pain medication she gets a little loopy sometimes. She was trying to get from one door that was closed to another door that she hoped was open (alas, it was also closed) and she got stuck and crashed into where I had my kiln shelves leaning against the wall. Unfortunately  one of them fell and broke right down the middle. I can still use it  (well, one half at a time) but it means that until I can get a replacement shelf, I won't be able to fit quite as much into the firings as usual. They're easy to find, but expensive to mail because they're pretty heavy - so I'll have to wait until I can get down to Orlando to my supplier. 

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  • What a very full firing, filled to the brim with Awesome! Sorry about the shelf, but think of how eventful and inspiring that Orlando trip will be if you can go that one place…


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