NEW BASE YARNS: Delany and Emma

 Introducing two new base yarns; Delany and Emma.

People in this round of yarn club are already familiar with Delany, although I did divide up the skeins into “regular” sized for the club…. because Delany is HUGE! An eight-ounce skein coming in at about 500 yards, it’s a worsted weight yarn that gets 4-5 stitches/inch using a US 7-9. Delany is 50-50 alpaca/wool and is NOT a superwash yarn, so will felt (keep that in mind for your project and care instructions).

Emma is another double-sized skein (OF AWESOMENESS) and also comes in at about eight ounces, and 620 yards as she is a DK weight (approximately 5-6 sts/inch on a US 5-7). Emma is a 70/30 alpaca/silk (I almost feel like I have to add “and 100% AWESOME”) and is also feltable. From my yarn store experience I have heard that some people can’t felt silk to save their lives, and yet have also held some really adorable felted silk projects…. so YMMV. Emma would also be a great yarn for those allergic to or irritated by wool, since it is a non-wool yarn.

Because of the size of these skeins, I can only dye one of one color at a time (two will not fit in my dye pots), and will likely only have one per color at any one time available for immediate purchase; however, custom orders are more than welcome if you want two of something for a complete project (seriously, is there anything that 1000-1200 yards can’t make?)!

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