Fresh from the HaldeKiln

Posted by A. Lorena Haldeman on

A long overdue bisque firing!


This kiln was packed soooo full; I've been making greenware like a fiend lately but it's time consuming to clean, and then I wanted a couple specific pieces to dry before firing, so I could include them in the load... sadly, those were three pieces that didn't turn out very well. The sugar skull mugs -- I don't think I let them dry long enough before loading and firing, and they have hairline fractures running all through them. I may use the bisque pieces as small starter planter pots on my porch, but they're not much good for much else. So back to the drawing board with that one! 

It really could be any of a couple of things... (a) I didn't let them dry long enough, (b) there may have been tiny bubbles of air trapped between the skull and the mug, (c) the clay might not have liked being used that way. But I have options, so never fear, these will still show up (so glad I'm working on these way before October)!

Oh! And buttons! I just need to paint and glaze them, and hopefully that will be within the next week. 

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