Orchard Bee yarn kit

My friend Caitlin and I are over-achievers. At the height of a three-week period in July when we were both busy as all get out, we also worked on this together....

Orchard Bee yarn kit

Bonnie and Clyde. Sid and Nancy. Harold and Maude. There are some names that just go together like, well, peanut butter and jelly…. and now you can add HaldeCraft and String Theory Colorworks to that list. That’s right! Caitlin, of String Theory Colorworks, is teaming up with Lorena, of HaldeCraft. Caitlin starts off with her amazing self-striping yarn and Lorena counters with a balanced tonal semi-solid, and when you put these two together, you get nothing short of awesome.

We have been friends for a number of years so the opportunity to dip our toes into a pool of collaboration was a lot of fun (I wouldn't rule out more sets in the future). Join us at noon (that's 12PM, EST, and EST is also sometimes called "ETD" or "Eastern Daylight Time" at this time of year, also known as "noon, US East Coast/Florida time") on this coming Friday, August 23rd, when we release an extremely limited kit that we put together.

Sooper Seekret Knitting

Caitlin and I will be offering four different base yarn choices in this limited set; all of them are sock yarns but they vary in price and fiber content. As we both use the same distributor for our undyed yarn, both yarns (while we use different names for them) have the same stats, and are listed on the product page (here). Prices will vary depending on base yarn and will range from $56 to $65. All kits contain two full skeins of yarn (one solid dyed by myself, and one self-striping dyed by Caitlin; see them working together in the last photo on the listing page), one bar of soap in my Yarn and Knitting Needle design, stitch markers hand-made by Caitlin, and a lip balm by myself. While the scents of the soap and the flavors of the lip balm vary from set to set, within each set they are the same (with no substitutions available).

Other Sooper Seekret Knitting

While under normal circumstances both Caitlin and I are as flexible as possible with holds and special requests, because of the nature of this offering we are unable to take holds or pre-payments for this kit, and we thank you for your understanding.

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