Rope button

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This button looks like a tiny rope, curled up. It's a slightly smaller button than my other ones, and would look great on hand-knitted or crocheted garments!

While these buttons are tagged for the ceramic section, they are actually made out of polymer clay. Research is split on whether they are machine washable or not; some reports say yes and some reports say no, but everyone agrees that they should not be dry cleaned as the chemicals in dry-cleaning can eat away at the polymer. My advice would be to use care and caution the first time you wash them; as most of my regular customers are likely to be buying these to go on hand-knit or hand-crocheted items, they would likely be using great care to clean their handiwork. 

Approximate Height: 3/4 inch
Approximate Width: 3/4 inch
Approximate Weight: 1 gram (approximately 0.03 ounces)

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