Collection: Ceramics - functional

Ceramics don't have to just be pretty; you can also put them to good use. In fact, that's just about my favorite way to have ceramics in the house - as a useful object that also brings beauty (and maybe a smile) to your day.

I offer a robust line of soap dishes, mugs, bowls, yarn bowls, pitchers, planters, and ashtrays. Most of them are poured from vintage molds passed down to me from my grandmother, who also had a studio, and from whom I learned this craft. I've recently started hand-building and throwing as well, primarily mugs and bowls. Everything I make is handpainted, glazed, and fired - by myself - in one of my kilns in my home studio.

I try to make functional, useful items that are also pleasing on the eye; some are downright quirky and fun, some are classy and, due to the age of the majority of my molds, in a vintage style that runs the decades from the 50s to the 70s.

My guess is that no matter what your taste, I have something that will please you.