A Ceramic and Glass collaboration

A Ceramic and Glass collaboration

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Once upon a time, there was a woman who could make magic happen. A little clay, a little water, a little fire... and at the end was beauty. There was a also a young man who was learning, but something different; a little glass, a little fire, sometimes some metals... and at the end, magic. One day they were discussing their crafts, the things they did that filled their hearts with joy, and in asking each other questions about what the other did... an idea sprouted. And like all good gardeners, they watered the idea and tended to it... but instead of stopping with earth and water, they added clay and chemicals and fire and glass... and magically, beauty came into the world. 

You will never find another one-of-a-kind piece like this. A handmade collaboration between two artists as they show off their best skills and teach one another a little bit about each other's medium. 

This breathtaking raku piece has been hand-thrown and altered, hand-glazed, raku-fired, and then copper and hand-made glass pieces added to it.

Approximate height: 4.25 inches
Approximate width: 5 inches Approximate weight: 1.5 lbs

This one-of-a-kind ceramic and glass piece is made by HaldeCraft artist-in-residence, Colette (Cetty, to her friends), and HaldeCraft brother-in-law, Isaac, an accomplished glass artist. Cetty has studied ceramics at Western Carolina University and Penland School of Arts and Crafts, and has twenty years of experience working with clay. Isaac is a self-taught artist with a thirst for knowledge and a natural talent for art and Making. While he has been doing glasswork for about five years, he has been painting since he was young and he brings his eye for color and composition to his new medium. You can find him on Instagram and Etsy.