A Year of Soap

A Year of Soap

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New for late 2017: you can still order this! Sign up as you would at the beginning of the year, and still get all twelve bars - two or three a month, from whenever you sign up, through December!

Do you find yourself in a panic when you're at your last bar of HaldeSoap? Worried that the shop might be sold out of your favorites, or maybe you just don't know what to try next? Do you want to give (or get!) a new bar of soap every month? Then this year of soap is for you!

Once a month, on approximately the 20th of the month, a bar of soap in a fragrance family that you choose, will be shipped to you. Choose from Floral, Earthy, Herbal, Woodsy, or Masculine families of fragrances (or email a list of specific fragrances which are your favorites) and be surprised once a month when your soap order shows up in your mailbox.

Fragrances will sometimes be favorites that are carried all the time (for example, Sage & Lemongrass, Lavender, Mountain Man) but sometimes they'll be brand-new fragrances (you'll get them first!) or even ones that I make just for you. You tell me what fragrance family you want (fragrance families change every four months), and I'll send you soap in that fragrance line. If you have allergies, though, or specific favorites, don't be shy! Include the names of twelve fragrances you like (my current lineup is here) and once a month you'll get something you know you'll enjoy.

Soap will start shipping in January, so your Year of Soap will be the entire calendar of 2017. Want two bars a month instead of one? Buy in twice - you can either buy both sets at once, getting the same fragrances in each one, or buy them separately and choose different fragrances for each one!

Getting this as a gift? Be sure to mention that in the notes, or email me; a graphic can be emailed to you, suitable for printing and gift-giving!

Curious about what goes into HaldeSoap, and why it is made the way it is? Read the FAQs here!