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Cat stitch marker set in blue

Cat stitch marker set in blue

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Maybe your cats like to play with your yarn, and you have to safely hide it from them. Maybe your cats just like to lay in your lap while you handcraft. Maybe your cat is the star of your finished object photo shoots! Now you can include your love of cats in your handiwork, in a safe way - this dangling kitty will always be reaching for your yarn but will never get to it. 

Light as a feather, these bead-and-charm stitch markers won't weigh your project down. This is a set of five; four plain, and one charmed one to stand out!

The ringed markers will fit up to a US 8/5 mm needle, and if you're curious the lobster claws will comfortably ease around up to about a DK yarn (of course yarn is soft, so even up to a worsted can squish in there).

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