Daily Deal

Daily Deal

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Thanks for your interest in the Daily Deal, a one-shot item once per day, for only $10. The Deal isn't running right now, but may return in the future!


In unpacking and sorting things in the new studio, I've come up with not just a few things that didn't make it in the first round of Daily Deals, but also a few things here and there that I'd made in the last couple of years that I wasn't really sure what to do with. I'd probably be likely to take them to a craft show with me, but I don't have any shows planned any time soon (and don't want to let them just sit in the studio). So I'm offering them up to you, my champions of HaldeCraft, as an opportunity to snag a little special something... a one-off, a lively piece, something with a story that shows you support handcrafted items. 

I will post a new item in the mornings - anywhere from 7 AM to noon, Eastern Standard Time. At that point I'll post a photo on Instagram, which will also cross-post to my Facebook and Google + pages for HaldeCraft... giving you maximum opportunity to snag the one-time, one-of-a-kind piece of the day! All pieces will be ten dollars (shipping will be calculated by weight of item and zone in which you live). If it sells, awesome! If not, there will be a new item the next day!