Earthy Fragrance Sampler (set of six guest soaps)

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Have you been wanting to dip your feet into the pool of earthy fragrances offered by HaldeCraft, but you don't know where to start? Or are you looking for a thoughtful housewarming or thank-you gift? Or need a selection of small things to hand out at an office party? No matter why you're looking at these lovely guest soaps, they are the answer to your needs! 

This is a set of six guest soaps, one each in the following six fragrances -

Ancient Sedona: Ancient Sedona sounds like it's going to be complex, with a citrus and floral mix of Mandarin Leaf, Orange Blossom, Bulgarian Rose and Vetiver... but then the woodsy fragrances take over and you can smell Sandalwood, Bourbon Vanilla, Amber, Labdanum and Tonka Bean. This fragrance has been very popular with men at craft markets, but if you're a gal who loves woodsy fragrances, don't hesitate to pick this up.

Cedarwood Amber: Having trouble choosing between a woodsy and a floral scent and an earthy scent? Cedarwood Amber is the best of all three! This is a blend of woodsy - sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, and musk - and some floral and herbals - bergamot, lavender, and coriander. Together all of those add up to an enigmatic fragrance good for both men and women alike.

In the Wild: First you have your fruit (Mandarin Orange, pear blossom, red currant). Then you have a little bit of a floral hint (wild honeysuckle, night blooming jasmine, and magnolia blossoms). Top that off with a little earthy/musky (patchouli, tonka beans, and wild musk). Mix it all together and you have something almost indescribably heady. This is a very strong scent, so be warned! This is not for those who like subtle fragrances.

Kentish Rain: Have you ever read Watership Down? Do you wonder what it would be like to sit at the base of the tree on the top of the hill, looking over the lands below? This soap will make you think that's where you are. This scent is just a little grassy with basil and greenleaf; a little floral with lily, jasmine, rose, and violets; a little woodsy and earthy with sandalwood and tonka; and a little rainy with ozone and sea breezes; just what you would think the Downs would smell like after a fresh summer shower..

Oakmoss Sandalwood: Oakmoss Sandalwood is a surprisingly light scent for something with Sandalwood. Sandalwood, oakmoss, patchouli, and amber. If you like earthy, slightly woodsy, amber-based fragrances, give this one a try! It's a much lighter fragrance than you might expect, and good for those who like the idea of fragrant soap but can get overwhelmed by heavy scents.

Patchouli - Musky, woodsy, and not at all overbearing, this light patchouli blend relaxes and centers. This would be a great patchouli for someone who doesn't like heavy fragrances.


Looking to complete this gift set with some packaging? Organza bags or Craft paper bags are available here


The base of this soap has a creamy, custard color to it; but some fragrances - especially those containing vanilla - can cause the soap to darken to a tan or even a dark brown. I try to wait until this begins to happen to photograph my soap so that you are aware of what you are getting; however, it does get darker over time so your soap may be darker than photographed.

The last photograph shows off what the Earthy-scented guest soap set looks like unwrapped, so you can see the designs; from back to front, left to right, we have... Cedarwood Amber, Amber Patchouli, Ancient Sedona, In the Wild, Kentish Rain, and Oakmoss Sandalwood.

Approximate Height: 2 inches
Approximate Width: 2 inches
Approximate Weight: 1.25 ounces each/7.5 ounces for all six

Soap Ingredients: Glycerin, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Lauric Acid, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sorbitol, Triethanolamine, Sodium Chloride, Goat’s Milk Powder, EDTA, Titanium Dioxide, Fragrance Oil

Interested in reading more about the soap ingredients, how this soap is made, and why?  Please check the FAQ page!

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