Figurine of the Month: January

  • $35.00

There's just something so wonderful about these little figurines (I've called them "dolls" my whole life, even though technically they are not dolls as they do not have movable parts). This girl comes from a set of twelve, each girl representing a different month of the year. While in the future I may offer a set of twelve, currently I am offering individual girls as I finish them.

January has a double-layered dress and a nice muff to keep her hands warm as she walks though the chilly snow. 

These girls are very tiny and would make a cute addition to a shelf or curiosity cabinet. At 3 inches tall and about 2 inches wide, they're not going to take up much space.

These girls are poured from a set of six Duncan molds that my grandmother bought new as they were released in 1960 and 1961. Due to the number of times she poured them, and I have poured them, they are unfortunately starting to loose their crisp definition. Between that, and them being a little on the persnickety side to pour, I am currently not taking custom orders on these girls. I do plan to make them in a variety of hair and clothing colors, so if you're looking for something more representative of your own coloring, check back later because I will add to this listing. Additionally, I do plan to eventually have all twelve as one set, but that will take me a while - the greenware for these dolls breaks easily and I would (sadly) say that I break at least half of what I try to make when I pour them.

I learned ceramics like an old-school apprentice, at the feet of my grandmother who had a studio in the 1950s and 1960s, and many of the pieces I make are from now-vintage molds that she bought then, or hand-built. My pieces are unique, hand painted, and proudly made in my own home studio.  

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