Mug of the Month

Mug of the Month

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Looking for something unique, something hand made, something quirky? Take a look at these mugs as they are made, a different mug every month for the year. Sometimes the decoration will be the main focus of the mug, sometimes a new glaze will be what catches your eye. Either way, one of these twelve mugs is bound to, over the year, capture your heart and call to you. Let it become your go-to morning coffee mug, the mug you hope is clean at the end of the day for some evening tea, the mug you reach for first even when every other mug you own is clean. 

Interested in a one-time notification when the next mug is released? Find out before anyone else, by selecting which month you'd like a notice about, then look for where it says "email when available" on the upper left of your screen. Click on that and leave your email for a one-time notification when the mug you want is entered into stock! I won't email you about anything else, and you'll only get the one message.

January: Gray and white with flashes of dark blue flow over the stones of this mug like water.
Approximate Height: 4 inches
Approximate Width: 3.25 inches at lip of mug
Approximate Weight: 15 ounces
Will Hold Approximately: 10 - 12 ounces of liquid 

February: decorated birch drips over spicy cinnabar on this delightfully fat-bottomed mug.
Approximate Height: 3.5 inches
Approximate Width: 3.5 inches at lip of mug
Approximate Weight: 13 ounces
Will Hold Approximately: 11-13 ounces of liquid

March: A light beige shows off the speckled clay and highlights the tooled-leather impressions.
Approximate Height: 4 inches
Approximate Width: 3.25 inches at lip of mug
Approximate Weight: 10 ounces
Will Hold Approximately: 8 ounces of liquid

April: Stoned Denim and Oatmeal work in tandem with this dark chocolate-colored clay to make a strong, bold statement. There is a slight variety of height in these mugs. 
Approximate Height: 3.25-4 inches
Approximate Width: 3 inches at lip of mug
Approximate Weight: 14-15 ounces
Will Hold Approximately: 7-11 ounces of liquid 

May: Pine cones adorn this mug which is shaped delightfully to wrap your hands around.
Approximate Height: 4 inches
Approximate Width: 3.5 inches at lip of mug
Approximate Weight: 16 ounces
Will Hold Approximately: 12 ounces of liquid

June: A daily affirmation that you are who you are and who you are is amazing.(PLEASE NOTE: in order to extend the life of the decal, I would recommend hand-washing these mugs.)
Approximate Height: 3.75 inches
Approximate Width: 3.5 inches at lip of mug
Approximate Weight: 16 ounces
Will Hold Approximately: 10 ounces of liquid

July: Don't let the size fool you! This small cup would be great for whiskey, a tea ceremony, espresso, or wait, was whiskey mentioned? Dark chocolate clay peeks through the green glaze, which collects in the impressed spirals and shimmers and shines. 
Approximate Height: 2.5 inches
Approximate Width: 2.5 inches at lip of mug
Approximate Weight: 6 ounces
Will Hold Approximately: 4 ounces of liquid 

August: Tortoise! Really, need anything else be said here? We all love this ponderous creature, for a variety of reasons from environmentally to them just flat out being cute. No tortoises were harmed in the making of this mug (although plenty of them were watched and admired for their unique coloring).
Approximate Height: 4.25 inches
Approximate Width: 4.25 inches at lip of mug
Approximate Weight: 15 ounces
Will Hold Approximately: 12 ounces of liquid  

September: coming September 8th

October: coming October 6th

November: coming November 3rd

December: coming December 1st

These mugs were glazed with non-toxic food-safe glazes, and are dishwasher safe. And while I have been known to put my own ceramics in the microwave, I don't recommend it for long periods of time -- the rapid change in temperature when you take the mug out of the microwave can cause the glaze to cool more quickly than the ceramic, which retains heat, and so shrinks at a slower rate. This can occasionally call what is called "crazing", making small cracks in the glaze. This can happen immediately or even years later, and personally I've seen it happen on many of the commercial mugs I own that I put in the microwave often. 

These mugs are hand-thrown on the wheel and as they are handmade there are slight variations of size and shape in each one (feel free to email me if you want more detailed information on any of them prior to ordering).  

HaldeCraft ceramics begin life as slip-cast, hand-built, or wheel-thrown pieces and then are painted and glazed and put out into the world, all by the hands of one person. I learned ceramics like an old-school apprentice, at the feet of my grandmother who had a studio in the 1950s and 1960s, and many of the pieces I make incorporate now-vintage molds that she bought then. My pieces are unique, hand painted, and proudly made in my own home studio with confidence, mindfulness, and joy.