Spinning Wheel stitch marker set in red

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It's not enough, for you, to use or wear The Thing. You also have to make The Thing. And sometimes, it's not even enough to make The Thing, you have to spin the yarn you'll use for that, too! Use these stitch markers to show off the fact that you're working up your handspun yarn - or use them because of the solidarity you feel with the spinners of the past, or the person who spun the yarn you're using!

Light as a feather, these bead-and-charm stitch markers won't weigh your project down. This is a set of five; four plain, and one charmed one to stand out!

The ringed markers will fit up to a US 8/5 mm needle, and if you're curious the lobster claws will comfortably ease around up to about a DK yarn (of course yarn is soft, so even up to a worsted can squish in there).

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