Five new stitch markers at HaldeCraft this week. Wait, five? Six!

Five new stitch markers at HaldeCraft this week. Wait, five? Six!

If you're into stitch markers (shout-out to my yarnies!) this week's shop update is for you!


For the Harry Potter lovers, there are two new Deathly Hallows stitch marker sets, one style is with blue and bronze beads, and the other style is with black and yellow beads (they are already available in green and silver or maroon and gold). Now you can sort your project into the correct house, and keep your place in your project when you can hardly take your eyes off the screen as you once again rewatch your favorite series of movies.

There's a new feather stitch marker with blue beads (it's already available with red beads). From wild birds like eagles, hawks, crows, and ravens, to slightly more domesticated birds like parrots, cockatiels, and parakeets... you feel a connection. Now you can carry that connection over into your hand-crafting, with these feather stitch markers.

There's also a new cat stitch marker in blue (they're already available in gray and red). Maybe your cats like to play with your yarn, and you have to safely hide it from them. Maybe your cats just like to lay in your lap while you handcraft. Maybe your cat is the star of your finished object photo shoots! Now you can include your love of cats in your handiwork, in a safe way - this dangling kitty will always be reaching for your yarn but will never get to it.

And last (but not least) there are new stitch markers with a turtle charm (y'all know I loves me some turtles) - one set style is in brown and one set style is in green. Oh, turtle. Slow and steady, you may not be zippy but you always get to the finish line in the end (and how many of us feel that way about our projects?!). Let this little dependable guy help you out with your crafting!

As usual, all stitch marker sets come in both ringed and lobster claw versions, to accommodate both knitters and crocheters, to take into account keeping track on knitting needles or on the yarn itself.

Thanks, y'all!

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