Five recently restocked and new items at HaldeCraft

Five recently restocked and new items at HaldeCraft

Have you missed some updates, things I've restocked (and new items I've listed) over about the last week and a half? Here's your chance to catch up!


"Always" mugs: New in the shop! Will you still be re-reading that beloved book, that series that meant so much to you in your life journey, when you are old and sitting in your rocking chair? Will you continue to return to the lands in those books, the characters, the humor and the heartbreak? Will you, each time you re-read them, find something in them you never saw before, something that makes you examine who you are and how you were shaped by those books? You can answer that in one word: always.

"What would you put in this bowl" bowls: New in the shop! Ice cream. Cereal. Noodles. Chili. Soup. Oatmeal. Rice. More ice cream. What would you put in this generous bowl? It will hold almost anything you can think of! These bowls were glazed with non-toxic food-safe glazes, and are dishwasher safe. Please note that four of the eight bowls are "seconds" - this means that in places, the decals did not fire as dark, or have partly burned off in the kiln firing. The price of those seconds has been adjusted accordingly.

"I am not afraid of storms" mugs: Recently restocked! Has the storm of life sometimes tossed you about, as you try to hold on and just weather it? The seas we sail are not always calm, and many people spend time getting knocked around by the swells of the waves and the gusts of the winds. Then a time comes - maybe there is clear weather, or maybe you just get tired of the storms - and you take control of your ship. You point your ship, your life, in the direction you want to go, and you learn to weather the storm and steer in your own direction. If you are learning how to sail your ship, this mug can be a daily reminder that you, in fact, are the captain of your own ship, your own destiny.

Swag bags: New in the shop! Looking for an already-put-together gift, either for a swap, a birthday, or just for yourself? How about this project bag, stuffed with an adorable set of stitch markers, luscious hand lotion, delicious lip balm, and lightly fragrant soap? Maybe you participated in the joint HaldeCraft/String Theory Colorworks -along in 2015, and had to drop out... maybe you participated and won a prize, and have friends who are jealous. Maybe you missed the -along, but want to feel like part of the team. No matter your reason, we have a few extra swag bags, and now's your chance to get one! Bonus - there are also just a few bags, without swag, if you need a quick project bag!

Wild Mint & Ivy soap: New in the shop! If you like Sweetgrass, or Sage & Lemongrass, you’re going to love this one! It has base notes of patchouli and moss, is balanced with a bit of citrus and lavender, but all you really smell is the green, green notes of ivy, spearmint, peppermint, and everything fresh and green. Is green a fragrance? If you've ever stood in the middle of a grassy prairie and breathed in deeply, you know that green smell of grasses. Add a bit of mint to that and you've got Wild Mint & Ivy!

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