Big shop update this week!

Big shop update this week!

I've listed a lot of things this week, both restocks and new items (and items I already carry, but now in new colors). Here's a rundown....!


First up is a restock of grab bags of scrap yarn, but those sold out within hours of listing, so I'm sorry but this is kind of a tease! I'll try to work on getting more up soon, I just need time to wind up some ball ends.

Cabled sweater bowls and mugs are restocked, and there's two of most everything right now -- so if you've been looking for some, now's a good time!

All of the baby head mugs now come in two colors, and next week I'll be starting to work on restocks of what has already sold out. Oh! There are also a few of my original prototypes up there, too.

Grace bowls have been restocked, as have Good Morning mugs, and Neatly Wrapped Yarn Cups.

New in the shop are some herb markers, and also a few markers that defy categorization, heh.

I'm excited to announce that some of Cetty's raku is up for sale! These are one-of-a-kind pieces and they'll be switched out every few weeks, so do not let this listing out of your sight!

Also new in the shop are some tea bag dispensers; this started out because I wanted one, and y'all know I can rarely make just one of something... and then I got some new pastel and matte glazes I wanted to try, so the next thing you know... there's five of them!

Did you miss the yarn update from a week or so ago? Just about everything is in stock right now, including some One-Hit Wonders.

And last but definitely not least is a new yarn bowl! This is in a new crocheted doily design, The Elsie, and uses translucent glazes over red clay. I know I will be saying this everywhere but I love, love, love the green one! LOVE IT.

And that's everything! Thanks, y'all!

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