Works-in-Progress Wednesday (04/20/16)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (04/20/16)

This week I'm working on trying to find time to write a blog post! HAH! See what I did there? I'm also having a productive week at HaldeCraft, or at least, I'm trying to....


In ceramics, I had probably the worst kiln explosion of my life. About 50 pieces in the kiln, and approximately 35 of them blew up. I just can't even. So, I'm trying to throw more, to make up for that, because the reason I was firing so much greenware is because I don't have any bisque to glaze and I have an overdue custom order that can't go in the kiln until I do have enough to glaze. So... back to the wheel! More throwing! Never give up! Never surrender!

In soap, I've just released a new guest set, an herbal set, which has samples of Advice from a Caterpillar, Osmanthus, Rosemary Mint, Sage & Lemongrass, Tortuga Hills, and Wild Mint & Ivy. If you've been thinking of getting into herbal fragrances and need a starting point, this is a great set!

In yarn, there's just under two weeks left to get into yarn club - it's a Star Wars theme again, and ships in May, June, and July. I've been test dyeing one of the colorways this week and I'm getting ready to dye club the first two weeks of May. First club should ship around the 15th!

Speaking of yarn, all my other projects are languishing right now as I'm consumed with another entrelac project. This one is a thin scarf, much skinnier and shorter than the large wrap I finished a month or two ago. This one is in shades of gray, and I just can't stop working on it! Entrelac is like ... potato chips. I can't knit just one block.

That's about it for me... what about y'all? What are you working on this week?

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