Friday Five: Five new and restocked items at HaldeCraft that the yarn lovers will go crazy over

Friday Five: Five new and restocked items at HaldeCraft that the yarn lovers will go crazy over

Last week saw a brand new yarn colorway, and then this week follows that up with some restocks of ceramics.


Cabled Sweater bowls: The companion piece to the cabled sweater mug, this little bowl is absolutely perfect for a serving of ice cream, soup, or morning cereal (or, let's be honest... dinner cereal!). Be the envy of your yarn-loving friends when you share photos and this is included; inspired by Aran sweaters, the cable detail is sure to invite oohs and aaahs from your friends.

Cabled Sweater Mugs: Oh, sure, you could knit a little sweater for your mug... or you could just get a mug with a sweater already on it! Inspired by Aran cabled sweaters, this mug fits perfectly into your hands as if it was made with you, specifically, in mind. It's the perfect thing to sip your tea or coffee from while you're knitting or crocheting your latest project!

Neatly Wrapped yarn cups: This “neatly wrapped” yarn ball cup (called so because if you look at it and think of wrapping up yarn into a ball, it looks like whoever wrapped this one was pretty darn meticulous) may not be the largest cup in the world but it is going to make *the* perfect gift for a yarnie! Use it for a small cup of tea or coffee, or to sit on the side of your work table and hold stitch markers and other small notions.

Yarn bowls: OK, ok; I know, the first time I made these I said I wasn't going to make them any more. But people kept asking, so I made more - they sold out immediately. And this time I really wasn't going to make more! But when I was cleaning up around the studio, I found twelve (I KNOW! HOW DID I NOT SEE THEM!?) bisque yarn bowls, so I went ahead and glazed them up.... and here they are!

And the new yarn colorway, Changes! Are you ready to turn and face the strange changes of your life? You've reached for things, places, other people in your life. Maybe you've reached them, maybe not. Maybe sometimes you got to where you wanted to go and discovered the taste was not as sweet as you imagined. Nobody could tell you that before you found it out for yourself - you had to change your own world without advice, without older people telling you the way as if they knew better than you. You were aware of what you were going through, not them. All you needed, really, was time. It wasn't advice, it was time that could change you. And you turned to face it. Celebrate where you were, where you've traveled, and where you are now, with the bright colors that illustrate change. A couple of base yarns have sold out already, but I will be dyeing more next week -- look for restocks around Thursday or Friday of next week!

Thanks, y'all!

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