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I must say, I do love WordPress. That's one thing I've missed since starting up HaldeCraft; a good blogging system! My little store does a lot, but "have a good blogging system" is not one of them. For about a year and a half now I've been missing categories, missing tags, missing the WP interface which I still use for my personal blog. But to move? Move the blog... again? I used to blog about HaldeCraft on my personal blog, but was worried that the occasional dropping of an f-bomb or Yet Another Pet Picture might turn off customers. Plus, I wanted something a little more... combined. A little more streamlined. A little more "you're already on the shop so here's my blog". So when I started moving off Etsy, I started using the blog that came with my shop, copying a lot of the old blog posts over to the new (now old) one. Here's a link to that blog; I'll wait here, you won't be gone long. Yeah. See what I mean? It fits in with my online shop, but it doesn't really... it doesn't really sing and dance. A few months ago I thought maybe it was time to start thinking about moving, and since then I've been weighing "having an offsite blog" vs. "having a good blog." (I tend to have to think about things for a while before jumping in.) And now here I am! I don't think I'm going to move many of the old posts over. I might bring a few over, like the craft room organization posts - which I never finished because I wanted an automagically generated category for them, not to have to hand-link each previous post. I might resurrect Wordless Works-in-Progress Wednesday (now that I can have a category for them!) wherein I post a 1-3 minute video of me working on something during the week. And I'll try not to spend too much time looking at everything that WP can do that my other blog couldn't, telling WP how much I missed it even though I had continued to use it on my personal site. So. A new day. A new blog home. I feel like I should adjust the couch cushions and offer everyone some Sweet Tea!
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