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Technically this update has been a few weeks in the making. But my schedule is getting back under control and I'm happy to get back to my weekly routine! This week there's something for everyone, whether you like yarn, soap, or ceramics. In ceramics there are several restocks, including Marie bowls and Neatly wrapped yarn sugar bowls; and lots of new pieces including Freemason mugs, flat-backed wall planters, and Neatly wrapped yarn mugs that don't have handles. Oh, and yarn bowls! Soap is primarily restocks this time around, but I wanted to point out the seasonal Alien Heads and Skull soaps. And then there's yarn! Some new handspun (and new photos for the other handspun that has previously been up listed), a few restocks, and a couple of other random single skeins that I thought I'd had, couldn't find, and finally did. Clicking on the photo or the "product page" button will take you to the product page where there is more information and more product photos. Enjoy, y'all, and thanks! Edited to add -- oh, FABULOUS. It appears that the widget my shop uses and this blog aren't going to talk to each other, so I can't do my usual of linking to each item. This may take a couple hours to fix; I'll have it back as soon as I can. UPDATE #1: It appears iframes are not allowed on sites; I think I had heard that a while ago but it never really registered since my other WP site is on my own hosted domain. Now to see what I can do to code some linkies....! UPDATE #2: Ooookay; here's a teaser photo! To see the individual items, you will need to go here. 10182013
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