Sunday Showcase: Mugs

Mugs I'm not sure if I like to make mugs because I also collect mugs, or if I collect mugs as a side effect from making so many mugs.....! But really, one of my favorite things to make (and one of my favorite things to buy, especially if I'm travelling and happen across a small studio or craft/farmer's market) are mugs. Mugs, mugs, mugs! My love of mugs means that I have a very large mug section in my shop - truth be told it might be larger than it needs to be because some of these lovelies have not been as popular as I might have liked... and yet, I can't stop making them. I get an idea, or I find a shape I want to paint, and I'm off again, with another mug design. 14 of the 25 pictured above are ones I brought in this year. A few of them are ones I might not continue to make once they sell out, but only because, well, I have more designs I want to bring in, and there's only so much room on the HaldeShelves to store everything. I'd be hard-pressed to say which of the above are my favorites. The F*ck Cancer mug? The retro owl? The Marie mug? I can't choose - it'd be like choosing a favorite child. They're all my favorites!
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