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I’ve been getting a lot of messages from new customers (welcome new followers!) about custom orders for the holidays, and shipping times. It breaks my people-pleasing heart to have to tell people I can’t get custom orders done now - ceramics takes me about six weeks from placing of the order to mailing it out, yarn takes four weeks, and soaps take three; if you follow my blog you saw me post my final dates for holiday custom orders there back in September - but the good news is that I do have PLENTY in stock on both my regular online site and my Etsy store and it’s not too late to get those items shipped! My last day of guaranteed domestic shipping to arrive before Christmas is the last date that USPS guarantees, December 13th. Of course I will continue to mail out after that, and will work with you as much as possible, but the postal service is what it is and I’m reluctant to make guarantees they’ve stated they can’t keep (this is not a slight on those hard-working postal service workers, by the way - I’m just following their posted statements). And of course if you’re local, you can find my booth at the GLAM Craft Show this Sunday, December 8th, or you can contact me for last-minute local pickups at a mutually convenient time and place! XOXO, y’all!
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I hope my post helped send new people to you — and that they are buying the stuff you have IN STOCK and not asking for custom stuff. lol


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