This Week in HaldeCraft: Yarn (Marion and Moon)

Yes, more yarn! I was busy last week working those dye pots. 01232014 Today's update is for luxury sock yarn; Marion (a merino/cashmere/nylon blend) and Moon (a British Blue-Faced Leicester/nylon blend). All the colors are restocks (Cranberries, None of Your Beeswas, Red Mars, Vodka & OJ, and The 70s Have Called), except for The 70s in Moon, which I hadn't yet had time to dye up. You can find all of Marion here, and all of Moon here. Thanks, y'all! PS. What do you think of my new collages? I think they're a lot less fussy to make than the ones I was doing last year, but if you don't like that they don't always show 100% of the product, let me know! Okay, really now - thanks, y'all!
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