Yarn Club: May - July 2014

This product listing is for the Summer 2014 yarn club, a club that runs from May through July and is for three skeins of yarn in the weight of your choosing. This listing will be active until April 30th, 3014. IMG_1940 (Photo from Spring yarn club, 2014, "Kehaar") For the theme this round, I am venturing into the world of Norse Mythology. But first! As much of a nerd as I am, this is not about Thor and the recent resurgence of certain comic book characters. In fact, because of that trend, I can guarantee you that Thor will not be one of the gods represented in this club. Instead, in my mind as I plan out these colors, I will be thinking of runes, of Yggdrasil, of lesser known gods and goddesses like Bragi and Skadi, of Valkyries and of Ragnarok. The colors this time around will be more in the semi-solid category rather than some of the electric multi-colors I've done in past clubs. If this interests you as much as it does me, I hope you'll take this journey with me. Indian Corn (Photo from the 2009/2010 club, "Indian Corn") There are six different options of club. Please be sure to pay attention and choose exactly what you want. I have two options with no swag, in sock or worsted weight. Then for those that want swag, there are four different options -- sock with fragranced swag, sock with unfragranced (although it's not a given that I will, in case I do soap or lotion, I don't want to irritate anyone's sensitivities or allergies), and then worsted with fragranced or worsted with unfragranced swag. Like I said, be sure to pick the one you want. I'd hate to have to explain why you didn't get swag, if you chose the swag-free version, or why you didn't get that unique fragranced soap if you chose unfragranced. Each option gets you three skeins of yarn in the weight of your choice; one each sent in May, June, and July (club ships on approximately the 10th of the month, although I do try to get International packages in the mail a week before that, so that hopefully all yarn arrives at close to the same time). Laszlo (Photo from the 2008/2009 club, "Laszlo") Shipping prices vary with location. While on my site you can now get real-time carrier shipping prices for both USPS and FedEx, you unfortunately can’t see those prices until entering the checkout process. Each month, even with swag, usually weighs less than 13 ounces and my preferred shipping for that is USPS First Class, which is roughly $3.50/month for Domestic and with the increases around $8/month for Canada. If you have any questions about pricing please feel free to drop me a line, with your zip code, and I can use the online USPS shipping calculator to get you an approximate price. Local pickup is available; feel free to contact me before purchase if you’d like to discuss this more.
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