This Week in HaldeCraft: Ceramics

This week has a few restock ceramics (the Alligator planters, a small round starter planter, and the neatly wound yarn mugs) but mostly I'm excited about the new items! This Week in HaldeCraft I hope y'all like mugs as much as I do, because there's a lot of them this week. There is a set of two Tiki Tumblers (in brown or in green), a cookie dunk mug (choose from four different handpainted designs), and I'm super excited about my new three-footed "Crafting since birth/Drinking since noon" mugs. There is also a craft tool holder with the same slogan, and a new soap dish (available in four different colors, three of which are new to the shop). You can see everything new and restocked this week on the front page of my shop. I'm firing a lot of ceramics this week and next, too, so while I might take a week off from ceramics and list some soap next week, there's a lot brewing around the HaldeCraft Ceramic Studio room! Thanks, y'all!
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