Who's got the buttons? THIS SHOP!

You've probably been seeing these coming, if you follow my photo-of-the-day (now cross-posted to BOTH Facebook and Google +, in case you're not on the Instagrams). I think I've finally got a handle on buttons. No, they don't look like the buttons I had been making, but they're incredibly easier and quicker to make! Revisiting buttons #buttons #polymerclay Scenes from a work day #buttons #polymerclay I'm just getting started with these, and am still working out what sort of colors I want to stock on a regular basis, so the colors may change over the next few months as they sell and I get feedback and/or requests. I also have a few more design ideas in mind, including the knitted fabric pattern I was using in the clay ones (speaking of which, I'm not giving up on the ceramic buttons; I'm just going back to the drawing board on them). Even though these new buttons are made from polymer clay, and not ceramic, you can still find all of my buttons together, here.
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