WiP Wednesday (05/21/14)

WiP, for those that don't know, is shorthand for "Works In Progress." I usually do this thread on Wednesdays over on Ravelry, where we primarily talk about our yarn projects, but other bits of life seep in... so I thought I'd open the question up to everyone, because I know a lot of Makers read my blog. While this week is scheduled to be ceramics, I'm still working primarily on yarn -- I realized earlier this week the reason I hadn't finished winding all the yarn I dyed the week before was because some of it needed to be overdyed (sometimes even though I get in there and mush things around, the ties can block dye, and white spots bother me -- especially in deep, rich colors... so I do a little over-dyeing to fix that). So I folded up the slab roller and brought the dye pots back out, and I'm already wrist-deep in dye-water this morning. But no spoiler pics! You'll see June's club color soon enough, my friends. I'm also working on my Game of Thrones knitting (OMG, did y'all see it this week? Tyrion. Right in the feels.) and I just finished my 12-in-14 project but forgot to ask my cute elfin friend who was over last night if I could photograph her wearing it. Between that, and my Bookseller's Mitts, I should have two FOs ("Finished Objects") this Friday. WHO AM I?! And tomorrow I'll be firing the kiln; although I was afraid this guy wouldn't fit. Turns out I have about half an inch between the top of his head and the bottom of the lid of the kiln. Tight fit, but he'll do fine! Height check #ceramics #kiln #cuttingitclose What are you working on this week? Home renovations? Crochet or knitting (or weaving or spinning) projects? Reading a good book? Getting some baking, or gardening, or sewing done? Do tell!
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