WiP Wednesday (05/28/14)

This week I'm working on a couple of things. OK, more than a couple. Five or six....? In knitting... one of my favorite ladies at my post office asked if I'd knit her a hat; she's always looking for a hat she can pile her dreads up into, but she wants something that would go with things she wears a lot and not just look like the typical Rasta hat, which she doesn't like. Turns out her favorite color is blue (I was teasing her, since they wear blue at the PO, that "surely you must be tired of blue" and she said she wasn't!), so... Blue Sun, in Tepper, and I'm making this pattern up as I go along. I started with a basic ribbed hat pattern, did ribbing until I thought I'd go blind, then switched to stockinette and am doing increases about every two inches. I'm about to bind off tonight as I'm pretty sure it's long enough now. Here are some goofy, hiding-my-morning-bed-head-hair photos... C's hat C's hat In ceramics, I'm on track to fire the kiln tomorrow, with a few special orders, a few restocks, and some new things. Yesterday I wrapped a small soap restock, and I'm hoping to get those listed in the next day or two. I also want to list the new owl stitch markers I did, and I'm hoping to have time to make more buttons this week (I really want to get those yarn buttons restocked!). And I want to get June's International yarn club in the mail on Friday. So that's what I'm working on this week... how about y'all? What have you got on your plates?
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