This Week in HaldeCraft: Ceramics

05272014 A few restocks and a few new things this week! Restocks include the Sleepy Owls (I restocked both sizes of mugs and also the large planter, all painted in detail), Celtic Heart buttons (I restocked the popular red, and also brought in a sparkly red, and a granite/stone color), and Baby Head mugs (not for the faint of heart). New items include three new mugs (the return of both the frog and the turtle surprise-inside mugs in a new design, and the same design in a nice, plain, sturdy mug), stitch markers (miscellaenous ones that you can buy singly right now, but I'm working this week on more and should have some sets-of-four start to appear later this week), and a new color of butter dish. You can see everything that's new this week on the front page of my shop. Thanks, y'all!
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