Miscellaneous Marked-Down Soap

Let's talk about my listing of Miscellaneous Marked-Down soap! [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Marked down soap![/caption] Occasionally I decide to get rid of a fragrance, if it's not selling well, and for a long time I had multiple designs in the same fragrance, and I've decided to get rid of the design that isn't as popular. This is the space for that listing. The items change constantly, as things sell or I add things, and while I try to keep people updated when I put bars on there, I thought that for a change I would tell a little bit about each bar that's in the current lineup. Black Amber & Lavender in the Cattail & Dragonfly design: this is on the list because it's a fragrance I've had in multiple designs. The Floral Leaves design has proven to be much more popular, so I'm phasing it out in the Cattail design. Clover in the Cattail & Dragonfly design: Clover is a fragrance that I'm phasing out. It was originally part of the Watership Down inspired soap set, and while I had hopes for it (it's an herby, fresh, tart fragrance) it never really did well on its own. Cocoa Butter in the Cattail & Dragonfly design: Man, that poor Cattail is really taking a beating! This is about the fragrance, though. Cocoa Butter was one of the original fragrances I started with four years ago (and one we carried in the yarn shop prior to that) but sales of it have drastically dropped off. Cucumber Melon in the Cattail and Dragonfly, Longevity, and Yarn and Knitting Needle design: Sadly, this is where I admit that maybe what I like isn't what everyone else likes, and what I like maybe isn't always the best business decision. I love, love, love this fragrance, but I appear to be alone in that. Remember when I was doing lip balms and lotions? I found a flavor that matched, and made an entire set of all three items in this fragrance, that's how much I believed in it. Fruity, fresh, and clean, I am sorry to see this fragrance go. It was a great summertime soap. Forest Pine in the Green Man design: This is a fragrance I love also, but it was sadly discontinued by my distributor. This is the last of what I have. Fresh Baked Bread in the Cattail and Dragonfly design: This was one of the most popular fragrances we had at the yarn store, but it's never really been as popular since I started HaldeCraft. It was part of my Little House inspired soap set, and as I'm phasing those out I'm also phasing out the full-sized bars for anything not wildly popular. Oh Fresh Baked Bread, I'm going to miss you. I may keep the empty fragrance bottle on my desk just so I can sniff it every now and then. Mmmmm, fresh bread..... Lavender Lemon in the Cattail and Dragonfly design: this is one where again, I had multiple designs in the same fragrance. The Celtic Knotwork design is the clear winner for this fragrance, so we're only saying goodbye to it in the Cattail version. This fragrance will definitely be sticking around! Ma's Kitchen in the Cattail and Dragonfly design: similar to Fresh Baked Bread, this fragrance was part of my Little House set and is being phased out. Nag Champa in the Cattail and Dragonfly design: another popular fragrance that I started with, that worked well in the yarn store (and it worked well when I was selling at Wild Iris Books)... but it's time to retire it (although I may have kept a couple of bars of this one for myself). Oatmeal Cookie in the Longevity Knot design: another lesson in how what I like isn't necessarily the best business decision. I love this one, it's one of my favorites, but people have just never warmed up to it. Warm! Cookie! See what I did there? Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey in the Longevity Knot design: Another yarn store favorite, and another original fragrance that I started with, but also sadly one that has become less and less sought-after over the years. This fragrance is being phased out. Pumpkin Lager in the Celtic Square: the last one on the "I love it, why doesn't everyone" list. This one has been popular in sets around the holidays, but has never done well in full-sized bars. I may keep some of the fragrance to add to my winter sets this year, but won't be keeping it a full bar. And... that's it! That's what's in my miscellaneous marked-down soap listing (which you can find here), and why it's there. I still stand behind all this soap, but over the years have found new fragrances and those are becoming more and more popular, so... as the man said, the times, they are a-changin'!
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