WiP Wednesday (06/04/14)

This week of course I'm working on buttons (you probably already know this if you follow my daily photos or on Ravelry), and also on my 12-in-14 knitting project which... I have to admit I didn't research enough, didn't realize it was a book and not a single pattern for sale, bought the PDF copy of a book for the first time, and am so glad that I did because not only are there at least half a dozen other sock patterns I'd make in a heartbeat, but it's also by the same author that did both the Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet books and I LOVE THOSE BOOKS. If you love genius construction (not just socks; hats, gloves, a few shawls) you should check out Hunter Hammersen at Violently Domestic. Definitely my new design crush. So here are the buttons I'm working on... A really lovely pot I bought a few weeks ago from @lots_of_pots, modeling the buttons I made today. #ceramics #polymerclay #buttons ... definitely a learning curve with these. I'm on top of it now, though, even if I am still underestimating the amount of polymer clay I'm going through. Now would be a good time to take stock in Fimo because I'm about to make an embarrassingly large purchase. And here's the sock I'm working on... Tattered Afshari ... I love, love, loves it. LOVES IT. All I want to work on right now is this sock. I'm going to be so sad when I'm past the pattern and into just stockinette! I'm also working on trying to figure out why I've overslept two out of three mornings this week -- not even great oversleeping where you feel energized and rested the next day! I felt fine yesterday, having overslept by almost two hours (!) but this morning I overslept by about an hour and my head feels full of cotton. I might have to break out the full-caf coffee. Lastly, I'm also working on some custom ceramics, which will be finished today, and more buttons, and, and, and. And. What am I *not* working on?! Glazing ceramics, for one, because my hope was to fire the kiln tomorrow and I haven't had any time to get glaze on anything this week. Also, the last yarn for July's club should hit my house this week, which means that any day now I can start winding and dyeing.... ... and that's about it! What are you working on this week?
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