Tattered Afshari

Tattered Afshari Yarn: HaldeCraft HandDyed Tiptree in a test skein yarn club colorway, Tatterhood Pattern: Afshari by Hunter Hammersen Started: June 2, 2014 Completed: June 20, 2014 Notes: Even though pattern writer advises modding by changing yarn and needle size, I’d committed to an -along with this yarn and this pattern before getting a copy of the book. Whoops. So I increased by 12 because there’s no way 60 stitches is going to fit my foot, even being an average small. Chart A has repeats of 2, Chart B has repeats of 3; at first I increased by 6 to 66, but two inches into the sock could just fit it, barely, over my high instep, so I ripped out and increased to 72. Also; did one additional pattern repeat on the leg, because the pattern was just that fun! I would totally do these again!
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