The 60s Have Called

The 60s Have Called The 60s Have Called, on that big clunky pinkish-yellow rotary phone that hung on the wall like a heavy plastic brick. Civil Rights. The Freedom Rides. The Voting Rights Act. The Fair Housing Act. The March from Selma to Montgomery and the Edmund Pettus bridge. Change. The Vietnam draft. Conscientious objection. Burning your draft card and going to Canada. Music. Janis Joplin. Phil Ochs. Jimi Hendrix. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band. Woodstock. Being barefoot in Berkeley and passing out flowers. The 60s were a time of change, and some would say we haven’t been the same since. I’ve chosen, with these colors, to remember music and band posters and the color palette that started to show up in dens and kitchens across the country. You can see all the currently available bases here. Thanks, y’all!
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