YARN CLUB: Sept - Nov 2014

This product listing is for the Fall 2014 yarn club, a club that runs from September through November and is for three skeins of yarn in the weight of your choosing. This listing will be active until August 31st, 2014 - so you only have a little over two more weeks to get in! Watership Down (The Jan-March 2013 club) For the theme this round, I’m going just a hop, skip, and jump away from Norse mythology and into the realm of Fantasy literature. I have three series of books in mind, two popular these days and one relatively unknown. I know that the two popular series could potentially be clubs by themselves, but I wanted to just brush the surface with three ideas for colors that I’ve had for a while (with the potential to come back to the two popular ones in future clubs). Alice in Wonderland (The May-July 2013 club) For one of these months we will visit Westeros, popular these days because of a certain show on a certain cable TV channel (I shall try to steer away from spoilers when discussing that month’s color, for anyone who hasn’t read the books). For another we will hark to The Shire, and see what Middle Earth has to offer (one of my favorite characters shall be the inspiration for this month’s colorway). Another will be from a little-known book my grandmother read to me as a child, and that I’ve read on my own a number of times since then - The Princess and the Goblin, by Scottish author George MacDonald. (Ooo! Check it! You can get a free Kindle edition here, if’n you’re into ebooks.) There’s so much to love about this book, if you haven’t heard of it before. The heroine is a young girl, who at one point winds up saving the boy - rare in today’s literature, and this was published in 1872! - and the person who does the most for her is her great-great-grandmother, whose spinning features prominently in the book. MacDonald was a writer who inspired other writers that you’ve probably heard of; Lewis Carroll, C. S. Lewis, Madeleine L’Engle, to name a few. Fairy Tales (The Sept-Nov 2013 club) Unless I decide to do one as a crazy multi-color (think “Mad Tea Party” from a few rounds ago) the colorways should be more tonal, and reasonably semi-solid (think the colors in the Norse Mythology club). There are six different options of club. Please be sure to pay attention and choose exactly what you want! More Watership Down (The Jan-March 2014 club) Shipping prices vary with location; while you can now get real-time carrier shipping prices for both USPS and FedEx, you unfortunately can’t see those prices until entering the checkout process. Each month, even with swag, usually weighs less than 13 ounces and my preferred shipping for that is USPS First Class, which is roughly $3.50/month for Domestic and $8/month for Canada (more for the UK and Australia). If you have any questions about pricing please feel free to drop me a line, with your zip code, and I can use the online USPS shipping calculator to get you an approximate price. Norse Mythology (The May-July 2014 club) Local pickup is available; feel free to contact me before purchase if you’d like to discuss this more.
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