Works-in-Progress Wednesday (08/13/14)

What are you working on this week? In soap, I'm working with a customer on a signature fragrance for her, and some sample fragrances accidentally fell into my cart when I was choosing the things she's interested in. Autumn Afternoon, Bayberry , Bitter Orange Orchid, Champagne Sugar, Hinoki Wood, Osmanthus, and Strawberries and Champagne. Completely an impulse purchase, it's not like I was LOOKING for seven new fragrances to bring in... but I'll try them out, either in a few full-sized bars or a guest-sized sampler set, and feedback on those soaps will tell me if I should bring in any of them full-time. While I'd love to have those done by Fiber-In, late September, we'll see how that lines up with other things in my schedule. In ceramics, about another 100 degrees, I’ll be opening the kiln (fired yesterday), and I’m glazing some mugs and some yarn bowls that will go into the kiln soon, followed by color tiles that I already glazed (but am too short to put something that small on the bottom shelf of my kiln, hence the yarn bowls, which will need to go in first)... and then as soon as that clears up room on my glazing table, I'll be starting in on the plant stakes that I'm obsessed with right now. You can see the mugs and yarn bowls in a picture from earlier this week: Scenes from a work day. #ceramics ... the yarn bowls are both restocks and extras to take to Fiber-In with me, and the mugs are to beef up my stock for some upcoming winter holidays we have coming in a few months. It's never too early to get ready, when you make everything by hand! In knitting, I’ve put time in on both my 12-in-‘14 socks and the socks I’m working up in Neapolitan, although I don’t have pictures to show for either of them... and in yarn in general, I released a new colorway last week and am still trying to find time to list two new sample base yarns I'm playing with (what, what? Love how I snuck that in?). What about you? What are you working on this week? Any big projects at work? Home renovations? Travel plans? Do tell!
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