Color Choices: Cone 05

Welcome to a new feature - color charts! Cone 05 Of course I'm starting with one that won't be like any of the others that I have planned, because these colors are ones that fire to a cone that I don't use very often. What that means is that while these ten colors are all gorgeous, they won't be compatible with other glazes that I will be doing color charts for in the future (although they are compatible with each other). I fire to this cone approximately every two months, so if you are interested in a custom order that uses any of these colors please keep that turnaround time in mind when placing orders. And now, on to the colors! Cone05_AutumnLeaf Cone05_DustyRose Cone05_ExoticBlue Cone05_FreckledBrown Cone05_MossBrown Cone05_MossGreen Cone05_MottledBurgundy Cone05_SandBar Cone05_TerraCotta Cone05_Violet Many of these colors are somewhat translucent, which means that they tend to be darker in cracks and they show off patterns beautifully. They also play very well with red clay (although they are shown on white clay in this post), allowing the base color of the clay to show through. Terra Cotta is a matte color, and the rest are all glossy. The "freckles" in the Freckled Brown are completely random, and can change depending on how much the glaze flows during firing (which I do not have control over, and that is why opening the kiln is always a surprise). Please feel free to comment, or drop me a line, if you have any questions about these colors!
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