Color Choices: Low Stone

Next up in my series of color chart posts are the Spectrum "Low Stone" glazes. They're called "Low Stone" because they are low fire, Cone 06, but they give the same results as a high-fire stoneware glaze. I'm relatively new to this line but have loved almost every single one that I've used. Expect to see me branch out into this line as I acquire and try more within this extensive range. Tiles_LowStone As I said, this line is much more extensive than just the ones I've tried and chosen to bring in, below. There are about 60 colors in the entire line. Here are the ten that I've fallen in love with and want to use on just about everything. LowStone_AutumnLeaves LowStone_Bullfrog LowStone_BurntSugar LowStone_Desert LowStone_Gator LowStone_Iceberg LowStone_Oxblood LowStone_Wheatfield The majority of these glazes are glossy. Bullfrog and Desert are the most matte of the ten. Autumn Leaves and Burnt Sugar are quite similar, but I just couldn't choose between them; Burnt Sugar is a little bit lighter and has more yellow that fills in cracks or runs around raised edges. Some of these glazes, Burnt Sugar and Oxblood in particular, are going to look different on each piece depending on how thick the glaze is applied. I love that you can get different, surprising, changeable effects each time. Part of the fun of ceramics is never knowing what the finished product is going to look like until you take it out of the kiln! These glazes are all food-safe, so fine on dishes, mugs, and anything else that might hold food or beverages. These glazes fire to a Cone 06, and are compatible with most other glazes that fire to the same temperature. I fire to this cone approximately every two out of three weeks, and coupled with time spent pouring or hand-building your custom order, firing to bisque, glazing and glaze firing times, there is about a 5-6 week turnaround time on custom orders with these colors (barring any extenuating circumstances). Please feel free to drop me a line or comment here if you have any questions about these colors!
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