If I knew I could not fail, I would...

We never really know if something is going to work (or not) until we try it.

I know I've had my fair share of "this would be AWESOME" followed months (or weeks) later by "this was the WORST IDEA EVER." But if I were to somehow get a peek into the future and know, for certain, 100%, that I would not fail, I would...

1. Upgrade to a larger work space. Actually I would probably do this one (*am* trying to do this one) anyway. The only thing that would put this in a "fail" category would be if my business tanks after I spend a lot of money on either a new house or an offsite work area. But if I knew it wouldn't...? Or trusted that a larger work area would allow me to work better/stronger/faster...?

2. Take on some of the wholesale orders I turn down now. My fear of failing at this stems from there only being so many hours in the day. But if I knew I couldn't fail, could still do retail competently while taking on a few wholesale accounts? I would be interested in that.

3. Hire someone to help me; be it an administrative assistant type person to wrangle me and do office things, or someone to do light work like wrapping soap/winding yarn/product photography types of things. If I knew I wouldn't fail at being able to pay them, I'd be all about that.

Huh. I thought there'd be more... I actually typed the numbers 1-5, but now that I'm done with three, I can't really think of two more things I'd do if I knew I couldn't fail. I can think of things I would be able to do, but not things I'd want to do, if that makes sense. And yes, I know, these are all work-related... this is my work blog, after all! Personally? Probably risky things like parachuting and bungee jumping... but only if I KNEW I wouldn't fail at those.

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